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Our Philosophy

Holy Child Catholic School is a Christ-centered school where the daily life of the teachers and students revolves around and is permeated by the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are guided and inspired by the example of our Blessed Mother. Our principal goal is the development of the whole child in accordance with the mission of the Church: the salvation of souls.

The philosophy of the school in general, and the religious education program in particular, is that the school be a continuation of each family's role in "passing on the faith" to its children. The school views the parents as primary in the teaching of values and spirituality, and provides ample opportunities for the parents to be involved in the educational process.

Mission Statement

The mission of Holy Child Catholic School is to advance the development of the soul, mind, and body through a rigorous classical curriculum; to foster spiritual and intellectual growth; to develop stewardship of God's gifts and inspire a love for the Eucharist, the Church, and evangelization.

Goals & Objectives

Holy Child Catholic School is dedicated to the formation and education of its students in a Catholic school based upon the principles of Catholic doctrine. In order to deepen and strengthen each student's commitment to Catholicism and to encourage the student to accomplish great deeds himself, Holy Child Catholic School pledges to:

  • Lead the students to the knowledge and love of God, utilizing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Form the students into adults capable of being leaders and effective agents for Christ in the world.
  • Fashion in the students an intelligent obedience to all duly constituted authority.
  • Promote a reverence for the home and the sacredness of the family.
  • Foster a genuine love, respect, and understanding of life in all aspects, from conception to natural death.
  • Form in the students the habit of independent study and interest in scholarly pursuits.
  • Develop the memory through repetition and memorization to build confidence and motivation.
  • Instill in the students the habit of orderly thinking, trained by a thorough grounding in the basics and expanded in a literature-based curriculum.
  • Create competency in the students in the arts of expression.
  • Introduce a classical curriculum, which focuses on the highest spiritual, literary and artistic achievements of Western civilization.
  • Provide opportunities for the students to actively participate in prayer and liturgical celebrations.
  • Do all things Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, for the greater glory of God!

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