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Holy Child Catholic School Curriculum Cycle
Developed from St. Jerome’s Academy-Hyattsville, Maryland

The curriculum is divided into the following developmental and historical segments:
As classes are combined, an A/B Cycle is utilized.

2017-18-Year A Cycle
2018-19-Year B Cycle
2019-20 Year A Cycle

Lower Grammar Stage
Kindergarten-Cradle of Civilization Year
First Grade-Greek Year (A)
Second Grade-Roman Year (B)

Upper Grammar Stage
Third Grade-The Medieval Year (A)
Fourth Grade-The Modern Year (B)

Logic Stage
Fifth Grade-The American Year (A)
Sixth Grade-The Ancient Year (B)
Seventh Grade-The Christendom Year (A)
Eighth Grade-The New World Year (B)








Academic Disciplines

Faculty and Staff

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