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Principal's Letter

Dear Interested Families,

Our goal at Holy Child Catholic School is to do everything in our power to help you in your role as primary educator to ensure the total formation of your child: spiritually, academically, and physically.

Religion is the supreme integrating principle of our classical educational philosophy. For this reason, every school day begins with Mass. Inspired by the Holy Spirit to pursue Truth, our focus on a rigorous classical curriculum fosters spiritual and intellectual growth. Our vision for ourselves, our students, and our families is to develop stewardship of God’s gifts and inspire a love for the Eucharist, the Church, and evangelization.

At a classical school one should not just study subjects but should learn how to approach and make sense out of life in general. Everything should be done Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God). The classical curriculum we have is an advanced curriculum starting at preschool where students move onto the quick track that will enable them to excel in above grade-level work even as early as Kindergarten. Always at the center of our instruction is student formation in the virtues as modeled to us through the saints and the great teachers of the Church.

The classical curriculum we have is an integrated curriculum in which historically-themed units are woven throughout the subject areas and epochs which each child encounters.

Through the entirety of our Language Arts program—from the great books that we read to the intense focus on writing, grammar, vocabulary and the study of Latin all leading to above grade-level achievement in Language Arts—we find that the students are more open to reading original texts and esoteric novels simply because they are used to it.

Our curriculum is organized according to the philosophy of the Classical Trivuum, which includes the grammar, logic, and rhetorical stages of learning. At the primary or grammar stage of education, we want to fill each child’s mind with the “language of learning” through indoctrination into the exciting foundations of poetry, mathematics, phonics, geography, Latin, science, etc. When the students reach the intermediate years, their superior background in the grammar of learning allows them to analyze and think logically. Our students can pursue advancement at this stage and at any other stage according to where they are developmentally—not at the one-size fits all level of where the class is in a textbook. As we all know, mid-school students like to debate. Here is a time for abstract thought to be introduced and the art of rhetoric to take hold (thus called the rhetorical stage of learning).

We have we have a high priority for art, music, physical education, religious service and so on. Periodically, we celebrate learning and the gifts God has given us through events such as Fine Arts night, choral presentations, academic recitations, drama, service projects, and physical education opportunities. I encourage you to visit our school to see for yourself the good things that are happening. At HCCS, you will find a family-friendly approach that is rich in traditional Catholic culture and values. We can truly help you as you form your children to be scholars and raise them to be saints in heaven.


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