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Why Classical Education?

At the heart of our academic life is the principle that the true purpose of education is the integral formation of the person for the Good. The classical curriculum is an initiation into the profound spiritual and intellectual traditions of Western civilization. Its key elements are:

  • A focus on the highest spiritual, literary, artistic, and scientific achievements of Western civilization. Students are exposed to the very best of which the human person is capable and are thus inspired to excellence themselves.

  • Development of the memory as a critical intellectual faculty through repetition and memorization. A well-trained memory is a gift that fills the mind with beautiful and noble ideas to which the student can return for a lifetime.

  • Our educational formation is organized by the ancient trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The early years are spent in the acquisition of knowledge (grammar), followed by the development of analytical and abstract thinking (logic), culminating in the ability to organize and present original ideas with clarity and confidence (rhetoric).

The set of skills that a classically educated child learns is an invaluable tool in any future course of study, whether in high school, college or university. Moreover, because the classically educated student is taught to pursue and display public mastery of his subjects, he is endowed with a unique, authentic confidence and poise that is rarely found in non-classical educational settings. The object of a classical education, and its true value, is not merely a superior educational outcome, but the formation of a student who is alive to the presence of truth, beauty and goodness.




Why Classical Education




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